You Didn’t Know You Wanted to do This Before You Die

Lots of people have bucket lists.

I thought of something different to try. Except I don’t know what to call it.

The idea is this: A list of things I have oddly and unaware-ly been able to do or experience, that perhaps if I would have known they could happen, I would have put them on a bucket list.

Wait. Does that even make fracking sense?

Basically, instead of getting depressed about things that I keep adding to my bucket list that may never happen, I want to feel happy about special things I have experienced already. Yeah, that’s it!

I totally want to hear some of yours! Whether it is on your bucket list, or your other list of which I don’t know what to call it yet. (Any name suggestions for said list?)

  • Fell in love.
  • Met Ann Martin.
  • Enjoyed a giant hand chair as a desk chair.
  • Tried a bunch of really stupid stuff that didn’t work out, like attempting to move to New Orleans on a canoe. (Please don’t ask.)
  • Saw the Grand Canyon.
  • Had a nose ring. (A look that I totally was not cool enough to pull off.)
  • Smoked a cigar with my dad on my 18th birthday.
  • Got a comment on my blog from Jill Mansell.
  • Found out about Peg Leg Bates, who was a one-legged tap dancer. I used to lay down some iron, you know, do some hoofin’, and I would sometimes imagine that I would loose a leg, but still stick to my tap dancing craft and become a famous one-legged tap dancer. So when I found out about dear old Peg Leg not long after my fame fantasy started, I felt super psychic.

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