You know how people say that one can tell a lot about someone from what is on their bed stand? Well, I am not in the mood to go to a dirty place today, so instead, I choose to have the discussion over what is on one’s coffee table. Here is mine. {And a little reveal into what it says about me in brackets} What is on yours?


  • Big weird pen. What can I say. I have an assortment of these and they entertain my classmates. {I am a student}
  • Expired teabags. My husband and I (okay, mostly just him) recently painted the room in which this coffee table resides. I read somewhere that putting out teabags when you paint helps get rid of the toxic smell. {I often let things expire. And I have an awesome husband}
  • DS games. What is missing from that game case? Wheel of Fortune. Why? Because it is in my system. Because I am obsessed with getting on that game show, and need my practice. {I don’t know what the hell this says about me}
  • A Caffe Latte coaster that originally was not a coaster but a piece that fell off some super expensive kitchen decoration at a department store, and the manager was cool enough to just give it to me. Cause all I really wanted was an awesome coffee themed coaster anyway. Hubby modified the rogue tile with some plastic feet thingys so it would work the way a coaster should. Stable, and non-scratching. Not that I think that much about the propriety of coasters. {I am a coffee lover. And again, I have an awesome husband. Also, I am thrifty!}
  • My Kindle. Which I haven’t used in forever because I no longer have money to buy books and haven’t found any interesting sounding free ones for a while. {I love to read. And am a sucker for all things hot pink}
  • A big black smudge of candle ash wick residue. From me being too lazy to cut the wick before lighting it for the first time. Reminding me that with most things in life, it is easier to just do the work first. For example look harder for the scissors instead of just saying, ‘Eh, whatever,’ and lighting the sucker, then proceeding to inhale soot instead of a lovely scent. {I want to lead a more mindful life, but forget about it a majority of the time}

That’s enough for now. You can wonder about the rest.

(The header picture is the upper, stage-left smile of a koala bear. Just in case you were wondering. That’s all.)