Kids and Puppies

This is how my nieces are totally like puppies:

  • From the mouth of my brother-in-law, “Sometimes she gets excited and forgets.” This was in response to niece #1 peeing herself when a lot of visitors came over.
  • If we are outside, keep eyes on niece #1 at all times, or she is known to take off running down the block. (They make leashes for kids, right?)
  • When I use the bathroom, niece #2 comes and scratches at the door until I come back out.


I wanted to end this post with a picture of a cute puppy, but all I have is this picture of a Koala bear (sorry, no photo credit, have no idea where I got this), and those fuzzy, claw-y creatures are as cute as puppies, just ask Sheldon.

Pressures on Women

Do any other women feel this way:

You are in your 20s, maybe in love, maybe not. Either way, societal pressures = ‘you are too young to get married, etc…’

You are in your 30s, societal pressures = ‘you aren’t married yet? When are you having kids?’

I’m sorry, when are we supposed to make all of this stuff happen? It is like you only have this small window from 27 to 33 to fall in love, settle down, establish a household, have your career life figured out, and start making babies.



Too many passwords!

Eh. Too many passwords!

Can’t keep them all straight. Seems like all these websites have different requirements for passwords — must have one capital letter, at least two numbers, one special character, no special characters — so I can’t just use the same one so that remembering is easy. Writing them down seems not secure.

My brain is full. Not signing up for anymore websites.

I really wanted to go onto Trip Advisor and write a wonderful review about John, our tour guide from… what was the name of that place? It had the same name as some kind of disease… Cataract. That was it. Cataract Tours.

John was awesome, and since I refuse to sign up for anymore password-access websites, I can not say it there, so I will say it here.

Niagara Falls was better because of you, John!




Saving Money

I saved sooooo much money today.

It is only $20 dollars to take this pile of disgusting, spider-ridden wood to the local waste management facility.


And it is $42.50 for Special Pick-up, the curb-side service of waste disposal.

I paid $42.50.

How did I save money, you may wonder?

Well, if I would have cheaped out and transported the gross wood myself, here is how the universe would work with me in that situation:

1. I put the wood in the trunk of my car.

2. A certain percentage of spiders and /or other creepy crawlies would have freed themselves during transport.

3. At a later date, one of said creatures would scare me whilst I drive, most likely causing me to crash and having possibly thousands of dollars in car repairs.

So today, I just saved thousands of dollars in car repairs.

Totally worth an extra $22.50.

Creative Spaces

I hit up one of my fave day-trip spots


Had a Zombie latte. Yes, that is what it was called. It was one of the best lattes I have ever had! I have know idea what was in it. I hope not brains. There was a hint of yummy nutty flavor.


The above pic looks like I meant to capture the gorgeous flowers that accompanied my study table for the afternoon, but really I was more interested in the view out the window. Can you see it? Yes, it is a planter where the greens emerge from a human head like a zombie Chia Pet.

Okay, lots of zombie talk. But it really isn’t a creepy place. It is actually very nice and colorful and bursting with creative umph and wonderful paths in the fresh air and fun twisty paths inside.


Love to Read?

I have some time off of work and decided to try and get back to my roots by spending a few hours a day …… watching TV.

Is it bad that a TV show is a contributing factor to who I am? Or maybe it was just a good example of parts of me when it came on the air and that is why I connected with it so?

I don’t think I was as big of a coffee addict before I started watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ than I am now, so the show definitely had that affect. But I always loved the written word, which is why I am linking to the following page, because I probably would never have read ‘The Fountainhead’ if it wasn’t for Rory Gilmore.

Books Referenced in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Also, I love what this chick is doing.